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Cycling to Serve is an international Rotarian group dedicated to promoting cycling as an opportunity to carry out charitable activities. It has several thousand members, made up of both Rotarians and supporters in France, Europe, North America, India, Australia, Russia and other countries.

The goals of “Cycling to Serve” are:

  • To develop and promote friendship through cycling events around the world
  • To raise funds through cycling events to finance local and international actions

“Cycling to Serve” has financed and supported many causes over the past 33 years, including funding for polio vaccinations around the world, funding for disease research, assisting battered women’s associations, supporting early childhood programs, building a literacy campaign in India, buying equipment for European schools and hospitals, funding clinics, enabling the construction of a hospital in Burundi, supporting the disabled, etc

Major cycling events in Vladivostock-Amsterdam, Rome-Mecca and the Solo World Tour, have also supported many projects promoting world peace.

Finally, the “Ride-To-End-Polio-Now” event, carried out by American Rotarian cyclists, has raised tens of millions of dollars over the past eight years to fight against polio.

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